A common question we find is why is the builder suggesting Timber Frame an what is it?

This is a very common question we have received many times from customers. Here’s a customer who first when online to discover if Timber Frame was the right choice for their project.

“We are considering building two story house and the builder has suggested a timber frame rather than a more usual brick and block.  Is this a good idea and is there a benefit to having a timber frame that I don’t yet understand as it seems strange to me to use anything but bricks”.

Here is why your builder suggested Timber Frame

Basically, the world of modern timber frame is one where homes are snug, warm and draught free. Where low running costs are matched by precise engineering quality and a new home doesn’t need to come at the expense of future generations. In the UK, more builders are choosing to build houses and apartments, of all shapes and sizes, with timber frame. There is a number of reasons for this:

Energy efficiency standards

All new buildings have to conform to new energy efficiency standards and timber frame buildings are able to easily meet and exceed these standards. And, thanks to the excellent insulation of the structural shell, the whole home warms up quickly, without uncomfortable cold spots. However if you choose a Timber Frame company that hasn’t insulated the shell correctly you may feel cool spots. Don’t risk it for the sake of a few quid, invest your money in a  good builder and Timber Frame company and ensure you can trust them, ask around and look for testimonials.

No Wasted materials, therefore you don’t pay left-over materials

Timber frame homes are precision-engineered under factory conditions, doing away with many of the building processes traditionally done on-site. Room dimensions are more accurate too – useful when you’re fitting a kitchen or a carpet!

It is a lot faster to build and get settled

A ‘dry’ plasterboard lining system is used allowing decoration to be carried out immediately the house is finished and eliminating the need to make good where shrinkage of the plaster has occurred.

In many ways it’s more sustainable and better for the environment

A timber frame home also uses less energy to build because wood grows naturally, needing only minimal energy to fell, mill, transport and construct. Using more wood is a good way to help reduce the rate of global warming because wood is a renewable building material. We believe passionately that timber frame is the best solution for most homes and that’s why at QTF Homes we are passionate about the services we provide to each of our clients looking to build their home, including offered our sound advice throughout the building stage.

Much more Energy Efficient 

Timber frame houses provide excellent thermal and sound insulation with the benefits of homeowners saving up to £1000 on annual heating costs, and 70% on overall energy costs according to UKTF. This Remarkable energy efficiency also means that houses stay warmer for longer once they have been heated.

Increased Speed 

The speed that timber frames allow for is incomparable to many other materials used in the construction of timber houses and properties. Being considerably faster to traditional on-site methods, the build time for such properties is considerably reduced. For more information on a time-frame why not give us a quick call on, +44 (0)2840638989.

The Cost of Timber Frame

Using Timber Frames is typically cheaper than the traditional methods. Whether you’re looking to build a timber house or property, here at QTF Ltd we ensure a competitive price to save you money on the products we supply. Here are just some of the main benefits relating to the cost of building your home:

  • Saving in reduced construction costs – up to 30% faster than the conventional method
  • Saving in operation costs and less wastage of materials
  • Cost effective transport of materials
  • All costs are fixed which allows for the certainty of budget and greater control

“At the moment the average home heating, fuel and electricity bills costs are between £800.00- £950.00 per annum, but a timber-frame house costs only around £270.00 a year to heat. It is also alarming to think that many blockhouses which are now being built are years out of date by the time they are finished” – Raymond Moan.

 Quality of the Timber Frame

When choosing a Timber Frame we would encourage any client to ensure they are buying at the best quality. Quality is in our name and at QTF timber frame services we put a substantial amount of time and effort in proving that we offer one of the highest quality products in the UK and Ireland. Take a look at our Health and Safety page for more details on our approved certifications.

Heat Efficiency of Timber Frame 

QTF Timber Frame Homes are highly insulated and are 27% more energy efficient than the current Building Regulations. The insulation is contained inside the inner panel which results in a high sound insulation barrier – much more than a traditional build house. There is also no heat lost in block work, giving a damp free energy efficient house. The factory accurate structure ensures all panels and framework fits snugly, eliminating draughts and any consequent heat loss, ensuring savings in heating costs.

No Drying Out Time

There is no wait time for plaster finish to dry out as most timber frame homes are dry lined. (the option of skim coat plaster is also available). This also gives the advantage of no unsightly cracks that appear in many new houses and there are no defects due to shrinkage.

Strong and Durable Materials 

A QTF Timber Frame house will last equally as long as a traditional house.

Get to know what your getting into

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