QTF Timber Frame employee has been Shortlisted!

QTF Services are delighted to announce our employee and colleague Ronan Hamill has been shortlisted for the Greater Newry Area Employee Awards in association with Newry Chambers of commence and trade.

Going above and beyond

The Chamber called on businesses within the Newry, Mourne and Down Council area to reward staff by nominating employees who have shown great dedication and commitment to the company. QTF Timber Frame staff nominated fellow employee Ronan following his contribution to the team and valued efforts, going above and beyond to deliver exemplary service to our customers.

Qualification and willingness to learn has made successful business impact

Ronan completed a Passive house consultancy course in 2016 enabling QTF services to provide Energy Efficient, Passive House builds to home builders and developers. QTF Services were one of the first Timber Frame supplier in Northern Ireland to offer Passive House and Passive House standard design and build packages.

Passive house is the world’s most recognised energy efficient type of house build, saving our clients thousands in annual heating and running costs. The certification enabled the business to meet the Eurocode Standard of efficient energy homes in Europe. This means QTF Services can provide Timber Frame Kits in Ireland to a standard of 0.15uvalue in comparison to a 0.27 uvalue which is standard in the UK. That’s a much more energy efficient home and will effectively help the Timber Frame home owner to save up to £1,000 a year on heating and running costs.

Encourage business growth 

This accomplishment is highly important in the construction industry and offered QTF Services a unique selling point to clients. This achievement has lead QTF Services to expect continued business growth the sale of our timber frame kits. Overall QTF Services are able to employee a second consultant and an Auto Cad designer.

Ronan takes a hands on approach to each and every client looking for a Passive house or Eurocode standard home.  His attention to detail and knowledge within the industry should be recognised and rewarded.

Case Study: Pro-active willingness and Commitment to clients

Ronan demonstrated his commitment with a recent client in Shawley, England who was in the fortunate position of building a new home on greenbelt land. Ronan paid close attention and monitored the build which was of sensitive nature. The location of the site created a number of design and onsite challenges, requiring a high level of care and consideration during the build, from the concept stages through to on-site delivery and construction, the care and attention by Ronan was exceptional. His pro-active willingness to engage in a discussion as to how best deliver every aspect of the project, has enabled the high standard timber frame, to be erected and roofed in less than 7 days. Without Ronan on this project we would have never been able to complete the project in this time. Our client was so delighted as to were her neighbours that we have been commissioned to complete a 100m2 extension on the 15th Century Timber Framed cottage.

The ‘Ultimate Closed System’ Timber Frame Product

QTF Services have registered and trademarked a new Timber Frame product and named it the ‘Ultimate Closed System’ and thanks to the contributions and commitment from Ronan, QTF Timber Frame are now able to promote and offer clients our own unique Timber Frame Kit.

We wish the best of luck to our colleague Ronan at the Gala Awards Ceremony. 

Date: Saturday 15th September 2018
Venue: Canal Court Hotel, Newry