Ultimate Closed Timber Frame®

Ultimate Closed System ®

Closed Panel Timber Frame 

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Closed panel timber frame system redefines construction standards, ensuring unmatched efficiency, sustainability, and compliance.

The Ultimate Closed System® has been designed and produced by QTF Timber Frame to offer unbelievable performance, exceptional high level thermal performance and unbeatable airtightness in a Timber Frame home. 

Key Features of QTF Closed Panel
Timber Frame

Factory insulated roof and floor systems

An investment in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ delivers extra insultation in the Roof, Walls and Panels. 

High thermal performance wall

A future-proof airtight home that is draught free with high air quality conditions using a high thermal wall system.  

‘A’ Rated Certificate

Meeting ‘A’ energy efficient home with a uvalue of .15W/m2K.

Passive Home performance

Reaching the same performance level of a Passive Home. 

Meets EuroCode standards

Based on conventional timber frame, ‘Ultimate Closed System® is accepted by NHBC and conforms to all the appropriate Euro Codes, British and European standards

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Ultimate Closed System ®

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Investing in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®

An investment in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ Roof, Walls and Panels offers a minimum lifespan of over 100 years – homeowners can live life happily in an energy efficient home, reducing annual heating and running costs, drastically. Hence, allowing homeowners to spend money on more important things.

Benefits of the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ stem far beyond the standard benefits of any Timber Frame structure in terms of self-performance. It gives homeowners a future-proof home that is draught free with high air quality conditions.

U Values results from the ‘Ultimate Closed System®'

Through internally and using an independent third party, QTF Services have determined the uvalue of the Ultimate Clsoed System insulation as 0.15W/m2K. The better-insulated the Timber Frame structure, the lower the U-value will be. Workmanship and installation standards can strongly affect the thermal transmittance. If less insulation or fitted poorly, with gaps and cold bridges, then the thermal transmittance can be considerably higher than desired. Thermal transmittance takes heat loss due to conduction, convection and radiation into account.

QTF ‘Ultimate Closed System®’is a closed panel Timber Frame solution, designed to eliminate the risks of any gaps and closed bridges. It is also professionally insulated and overall ensuring maximum heat retention and active automatic cooling of its environment, driven by natural result of the timber.

Timber Frame Homes Ireland
Timber Frame Homes

Meeting Irish Euro Standards:

QTF Closed Panel Timber Frame is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent standards set by Irish Euro Standards for timber frame homes. Our commitment to compliance ensures that your construction project not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks, providing you with a home that is durable, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious.

The Ultimate Closed System - A Trademark of Excellence:

The QTF Kit, known as the Ultimate Closed System, is a trademark of our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality. This closed panel timber frame solution is the epitome of innovation, efficiency, and reliability. When you choose the Ultimate Closed System, you’re choosing a product that is backed by years of expertise and a dedication to excellence.

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