If you’re an architect you may already know that there are a number of advantages for you working with timber frame. At QTF Homes we work with a variety of Artcitect’s based in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales  and England to bring their plans to life with high quality timber frame kits to complete there designs. Here are just a few of the reasons why our architects have chosen to work with QTF Timber Frames to complete their projects:

Choosing a Timber frame is a more flexible medium, it is easier to create an aesthetically pleasing design compared to other forms of construction. Timber Frame designs can be complex and pleasing for clients.

All buildings have to comply with new energy rating, which have now been introduced. Timber frame offers the ideal solution to reduce CO2 emissions. Building regulations require a C3 BER rating, QTF Timber Frames homes achieve the A3 BER rating.

QTF Homes Timber Frame is an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of construction with many benefits when building eco homes. The onus is on the architect to comply with Part M and Part L (Thermal Regulations), Timber Frame can offer a number of solutions.
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Construction times are reduced using Timber Frame techniques by as much as one third, saving architects time and money and the impact of inclement weather is reduced as construction need not stop in periods of rain, frost, snow etc.

Timber Frame offers a lighter form of construction which can be of benefit to foundations particularly where poor ground conditions prevail, If you are an architect and helping to complete site planning we be happy to offer our consultation.

Timber Frame is a dry form of construction so there is no drying out period. You will not get drying out cracks common in wet construction.

When building with Timber Frame you are receiving greater accuracy and a better standard of finish after handover.

The architect is able to work and communicate freely with our team simultaneously during the process which reduces confusion and saves time.

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Find out why our friends and architects have chosen QTF Homes are their number one choice for Timber Frames in the UK and Ireland here. If you are working on a project and would like more information or a quote for our timber frame structures please contact us at or Tel: +44 28 4063 2494.


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