Working closely with builders is key to any successful construction and forms the basis of our customer relationship policy. Our specialist timber frame teams (design, manufacture, delivery management and supply) are always available and willing to discuss or answer any questions regarding your timber frame project. It may be advice or tentative pricing that is needed at the outset – whatever the question feel free to call us or email


What Builders & Developers should and need to know!

  • Costs

The timber frame system by QTF Homes is a fixed cost solution for builders and developers for either a supply or supply and erect package. This ensures that the additional expenses that spiral as a building progress can be eliminated which is a huge benefit for builders and develops. Accurate costing always read well at the close of any build project.

  • Speed of construction

Building in timber frame can reduce your construction time by up to 30%, no matter what the weather the timber frame can be erected as a full scaffolding system is in place before kick off. Plumbers and electricians can begin work as soon as the Timber frame structure is up. This means these trades will be working on a house within a week of construction beginning on a building all this results in a greater return on investment.
Where you save:

  • Saving in reduced construction costs – up to 30% faster than conventional method
  • Saving in operation costs and less wastage of materials
  • Cost effective transport of materials
  • All costs are fixed which allows for certainty of budget and greater control

The advantage of a lightweight construction method means that a less expensive foundation is required. Just like a human skeleton, timber frame is engineered to precise tolerances and is strong and durable. Buildings can be achieved in areas with poorer ground conditions due to this mix of lightweight with rigidity, strength and durability. 


Any issues that could potentially arise with a timber frame kits can be eliminated before it leaves our factory. As it is a dry form of construction there is no requirement for drying out time, there is less risk of shrinkage and lower callback rates

Productivity up while staff numbers are down

The number of personnel required to complete a timber frame structure is less that is required for other forms of construction, the panels arriving on site are numbered and stored in sequence to ensure smooth erection. Handling is reduced as a crane is used to lift the panels from the trailer to the building. More units can be built, with less staff in a shorter time period

Health & Safety

A full scaffolding is erected before panels arrive on site which offers all tradespersons an extra barrier of safety in their working environment. Due to a reduction in waste and excess material coming to site there are less unnecessary hazards. Timber frame sites are far tidier and therefore safer than other sites.

Please contact us for information on these guidelines.

Quality & Consumer Confidence

QTF Homes are quality accredited under the NSAI Timber Frame Manufacturing scheme in principle and practice this means that there are standards set for materials quality, design and engineering quality and manufacturing process quality all of which should offer consumers greater confidence in the product which they are being supplied.

As units are built in state of the art factory settings based outside Newry, Co Down Northern Ireland using the latest CAD technology, the accuracy of the finished product can be measured to within +/- 1mm. This greatly reduces on site problems and makes life easier on bricklayers who are facing the building. Importantly there is also less reliance on wet trade skills at a time when there is an apparent shortage

Building Energy Rating Certificates (BER)

Mandatory energy labels (BER Certificates) are being introduced as a result of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive read more on both commercial and residential buildings throughout Europe. Simply, buildings are to be energy rated in a similar fashion to white electrical goods such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers etc. This is expected to fuel a rise in sales of timber frame buildings as they are far more energy efficient than their masonry counterparts.

Environmentally Benefits

Timber is the only sustainable renewable commercially viable building material. The production of concrete produces vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide (C02) , which has a negative impact on the environment and contributes significantly to global warming. Wood on the other hand reduces the effect of global warming by extracting C02 from the air, it is a carbon sink. All timbers used by QTF Homes manufacture comes from sustainable forests of Canada Scandinavia and other parts of Europe . As timber frame houses are superior in their energy efficiency, less fuel is used to heat them, thereby reducing both emissions & heating bills.

Suitability of Timber frame for medium rise buildings
Apartments, social housing, schools, offices, hotels, student accommodation, community and sports centres and even hospitals are all examples of the types of medium rise buildings that have been built using Timber frame. Buildings of up to at least 6 storeys are frequently built using timber frame. office, E-mail us for more information on Design or for quotations:


Yes, a real fire can be installed in a timber frame home. Timber frame is no more at risk of a fire incident than its masonry counterpart. The same building regulations apply to this form of construction.

We have a range of our own and contracted vehicles that ensure we have options in place to meet our commitments when we encounter an access problem. If you believe your site may have accessibility problems please get in touch and we can arrange a visit.


Choosing to work with QTF Homes

If you are a Builder or developer and would like to visit our design and production facilities to discuss your timber frame project, time frames and costs, please call us now on 028 4063 2394, or simply email to arrange an appointment. You can also send your drawings to us for a free quotation.

Our services available to you:

  • Site specific free quotations available to architects drawings
  • Timber supply only service
  • Full timber frame kit erection service if required
  • Advice & guidance on your timber frame build, design and installation
  • Technical support pre and post supply
  • Product information on timber frames