Timber Frame kit houses generally refer to build systems that have the characteristics of Modern Methods of Construction with the majority of manufacture taking place off site and erection on site completed by the supplier, a builder or yourself. QTF Homes are one of the UK’s fastest growing Timber Frame Kit companies working with property developers, builders, contractors and self- builders. We understand the metrics of timber frame construction including building regulations, where savings can be found and essential building costs.


Your building costs are divided into four stages whether you choose a block or timber frame build. It is important to work with a contractor you can trust and ideally someone who can take care of the entire project from start to finish. The below table provides a good initial indicator of likely costs to think about when building your dream home (See at end). The estimated cost of a new timber frame dwelling is best calculated on a cost per square meter basis, the average timber frame house by QTF Homes starts between £55-£65 per square foot.

MONEY MATTERS – Weigh up the options and see where you can save on costs with Timber Frame buildings:

  • QTF Homes, Timber Frame Systems are built up to 30% faster than conventional method can be erected within three to five days after being delivered to site. This provides buildings the opportunity to save on construction and operation costs as they are quicker to build, reducing hours of labour.

Electricians – no tracking require
Plumbers – no tracking required
Bricklayers – 50% less work required
Joiners – all panels/structures are accurately made in the factory and therefore easier and quicker to construct together

  • QTF Timber Frame Homes are highly insulated and are 27% more energy efficient than the current Building Regulations benefiting home owners with long term savings on running and heating costs.
  • NHBC Inspectors have proven over the years there are a lot less maintenance problems with a timber frame house, than a traditional house. Christopher Mills – Director of Technical Services National House Building Council.
  • Timber frame houses provide excellent thermal and sound insulation with the benefits of home owners saving up to £1000 on annual heating costs, and 70% on overall energy costs according to UKTF.
  • There is less wastage of materials as the timber frame kit is built off-site which saves in over-spend of materials that will not be used.When building a timber frame house all costs are fixed which allows for certainty of budget and greater control of building funds.

Approvals and Requirements

As with any method of house construction planning approvals and regulations must be granted. Mortgage lenders class Timber frame builds as traditional builds and choosing a timber frame build will not be classified different than a conventional block build.


Architect, Planning & Surveys Groundworks Building Heating, Plumbing and Electric
Architect, planning & building regulations (5% of build cost) Site set up including fencing, WC and storage cabins Timber Frame Panels Plumbing & Heating
Engineer Prepare site and remove debris Internal stud partitioning Electrics
Planning fees Excavate foundations and fill trench with concrete Posi-joists and flooring Sanitary ware
Building Regulations fees Construct brick and blockwork up to damp proof course Roof trusses standard per sq mt of sloping area Electric fittings
Site survey Construct concrete insulated oversite and 70mm floor screed Roof Tiles Electricity services connection
Soil survey Soakaways for surface water drainage Soffit & Fascia Water & sewage connections
Additional surveys required for planning e.g. Environmental Metres of Foul Water Drainage (including man holes) Roof Dormers
Scaffolding Metres of Surface Water Drainage (including man holes) Gutters & Drain Pipes
Dropped Kerb Outside Wall Covering
Chimney flu and fireplace
Fire breaks
1st fix carpentry: noggins, door linings, loft hatch & carcassing
Pipe casings,cupboard carcassing and window boards
2nd fix carpentry: doors, furniture,skirting, architrave
Fitted wardrobes with shelves and doors
Kitchen supply and fix
Utility room supply and fix
Plasterboard plus skim plaster
300mm Glass fibre in roof space
Ceramic wall tiling


We are often asked a number of FAQ by our clients and we thought we would list these for you to help answer any initial questions you may have. If you have more questions or would like to discuss your timber frame kit with your plans and house drawings please ring us to make an appointment on 028 4063 2494.