All you need to know to build a Timber Frame house..

Our timber frame homes are perfect for the self-builder and first time buyers for many reasons including:

  • Less waste of materials than block buildings meaning you don’t throw away money.
  • Speed of construction, also means less labor hours to pay for than block buildings.
  • Sustainable and energy efficiency is doubled in a Timber Frame building therefore saving the home owner thousands every year on running and heating costs.

Finance is one of the biggest challenges that self builders will face – with roughly two out of three self builders needing a mortgage to see their project through. So when it comes to building a timber frame home on your site, we get asked:

How difficult is it to get a Mortgage on a Timber Frame house?

A. If the Timber frame kits are manufactured using substantial pressurised treatments and in a control manufacturing environment all major lenders will offer finance for timber frame properties. A Timber Frame build will not affect or have any impact on getting a Mortgage, it will be considered just the same as a conventional building method such as brick or block.

How much of a Mortgage will I need?

A. This question depends on the size and fixings of your self-build project. A good quality home can be finished at an estimated price range of £55 – £65 per square meter (Including timber frame kit, 1st and 2nd fixings). Send your plans or drawings to and we will get back to you with a quote for your timber frame kit.

What kind of Mortgage will I need to build a Timber Frame house?

A. To fund your timber frame project, you will need a stage payment mortgage which releases funds as your build progresses. Read more below.


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

Brick & Block

Purchase or release of funds
Wall plate level
Wind & watertight

Timber Frame

Purchase or release of funds
Kit erected
Wind & watertight

Timber frame house kits

By self building with timber frame you will have a quality house that is built very quickly. Once you have prepared the foundations, the timber frame can be delivered and erected. The erection service can be carried out by yourselves but a preferred route is to get specialist contractors to erect the frame for you.

Once the frame is watertight (usually in about a week) the bricklayers or stonemasons can start the building of the outside walls, this could be timber cladding, brick, natural stone, render etc. At the same time the inside work can also be started, electricians, joiners, plumbers etc.

Energy Efficient Homes

The building regulations are getting harder to comply with for some house manufacturing techniques. With timber frame kits this is no problem as a great deal of insulation is built into the house kit as standard. If so desired extra insulation can be added, this is the flexible design characteristics of timber frame.

Timber frame construction is also environmentally friendly. Raw materials are drawn from renewable resources and not virgin forest. Timber is a natural, non-toxic, organic, recyclable, renewable and bio-degradable material. Energy consumption in buildings account for 50% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. Very little energy is consumed in the manufacture of a timber frame building.

See all timber frame building benefits here.

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