What are the Advantages of timber for a ‘self – build’ than choosing block build house?

We get asked by many clients why should they choose a Timber Frame for the building of their home and what the advantages, life-span and quality of our timber is like. We have put together a list of the top benefits of using a timber from QTF Homes for the structure of your home and the excellent benefits and qualities this product has.

With the rise in heating, water and running costs its unsurprising 46% of the UK self-build market are moving towards the ‘Greener’ build for their new homes and business premises.

Constructing with timber frame kits rather than a block build  is potentially one of the greenest ways of building for several reasons:

• Timber itself captures and locks up CO² as it grows and keeps it that way untill the end of the building’s life, in fact until the timber is burnt or rots away when it releases the CO² into the atmosphere.

• Timber has a very low embodied energy. It basically consists of the energy to process the timber and deliver it. Even when imported it travels mainly by ship which is an advantage in terms of embodied energy. This contrasts sharply with the energy that goes into making bricks, blocks, metals, plastics etc. Typically timber is 8.65 MJ/Kg.

• It takes up very little of the wall thickness of a building compared with, say, blocks or brickwork so it allows more space for insulation.

• Timber is structurally very efficient, especially when in the form of engineered timber.

• Extremely few hazardous chemicals need to be used in timber construction.

• The waste from timber manufacturing is useful rather than being a problem to dispose of.

• It can be reused several times. For instance, many of the ancient houses in the Shambles in York, which attract so many tourists, actually incorporate structural timber member which previously came from dismantled ships.

• Timber Frame builds are cost effective in the long term they will reduce running and heating costs by 90% savings.

• The material used in our timber framed builds is from high quality Scandinavian or Canadian timber, which has dry matter content higher than that of Irish and British timber

• Timber frame is not affected by the increase in lead time as traditional materials (such as bricks and blocks). Therefore if you have a commercial property project, choosing a Timber Frame will ensure that buildings are completed much quicker than a brick or block finish at a better cost to the developer.

• A highly advantage fact regarding timber frame is that they are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs and have also been proven to give you excellent acoustic performance.

• On your building site there doesn’t need to be much wastage of timber. Short offcuts can usually be used for noggins or bits of outbuildings or landscaping features.

• QTF Homes Timber products are top quality and as a result have gain many awards and certifications which you can review here.

At QTF Homes we put a substantial amount of time and effort into proving that we offer one of the highest quality products in the UK and Ireland, check out our accreditations page for full certifications and awards.

Make an appointment or send you plans to QTF Homes and we are confident we will be able to offer you a competitive quote and stunning timber frame build. We would be very happy to hear from you to discuss the advantages and costs so please contact us at or Tel: +44 28 4063 2494.