THOUSANDS more people could build their own dream home under Government plans to tackle the housing crisis by doubling the number of self-builds in the UK. Some 11,000 homes are self-built each year. However, plans for many more are thought to come unstuck over difficulties finding suitable plots.

The Government still believes an increasing number of people, inspired by TV shows such as Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces, want the freedom and challenge of building their own home. Now housing minister Gavin Barwell claims that doubling the number of self-build homes to more than 20,000 a year is “integral” to the Government’s commitment to boost house building. It currently has a target of 400,000 new affordable homes built over the course of this parliament. But some experts insist up to 250,000 need to be built every year just to keep up with soaring demand.

Mr Barwell said: “Helping increase the number of self-build homes is integral to our commitment to boost house building. “By doubling the number built we not only create much needed new homes but enable people to live in houses designed by themselves, to meet their own needs. Helping increase the number of self-build homes is integral to our commitment to boost house building” , Housing minister Gavin Barwell continues, “That is why we recently launched the £3billion home building fund to provide loans for small builders, custom builders and off-site construction.”

The news comes as it emerged the North has been hit harder by the housing crisis than the South. Almost two thirds of the national decline in home owners has taken place in the North. Figures show there were 130,458 fewer home-owning households in England in 2015 than in 2010. This compared to London and the South where the fall was just 6,747. The Midlands and East saw a fall of 63,881.

The decline was steepest in the younger generations. However, there was an increase of 681,641 across the country among those aged 65 or over.

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