Everything including your phone, television, kettle or fridge can be bought as a smart product and chances are you have at least one of these. Solar power water or heating and mobile operated heating systems are normally high on priority of self-builders lists in order to build a smart and sustainable home.

Google describe a ‘Smart Home’ as being, ‘A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer’. ‘You can contact your smart home on the Internet to make sure the dinner is cooked, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn, and a gas fire is roaring in the grate when you get home”,

Over the past 10 years our homes have become very ‘Smart’ and offer homeowners features people would have only dreamed about 50 years ago. AI technology is the recent advancement with many homes now owning an Alexa or Google home device. Many properties now include their very own server storage room in order to manage built-in technology.

What’s surprising is, even though we now prefer to buy and live ‘Smart’, there are still many self-builders who forget that as our technology has advanced, so too has our construction.

Although the methods are still the same, construction has come a long way. You just have to look at our Architecture which is evidence that more builders are moving away from traditional block and brick and preferring to use more flexible materials such as Timber Frame and Steel. The UK Timber Frame Association have reported a surge in the use of Timber Frame in recent years with market share expected to rise by 5% in the next year.

This can only mean that self-builders and developers are no longer willing to pay the exorbitant annual running and heating costs that are experienced with masonry homes nor are the willing to wait up to 12 months on a standard build. They are now choosing smarter construction methods that allow them to build homes in a matter of weeks and increasingly paying closer attention to the Thermal Performance which enables significant saving on running costs.

The Thermal Performance of a property now pays significant part of the decision making process.

One of the reasons that builders are choosing Timber Frame is because it produces excellent Thermal Performance. This is what many homeowners are trying to achieve when installing smart heating systems. Little do they know, buy choosing a smarter building method in Timber Frame they can achieve the same levels of Thermal Performance and save on increasing heating costs. A closed panel Timber Frame product such as the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ manufactured in Northern Ireland by QTF Services delivers ultra-low energy efficient. It also gives builders a smarter way of building in a rapid build process.

The method includes installing a high thermal performance wall, roof and floor system with closed panels to eliminate any risk of gaps and closed bridges, producing an ultimate living condition. The natural effects of the timber produces automatic cooling of its environment, enabling a comfortable living environment you simply cannot achieve from any other natural material, block or brick buildings.

Timber Frame has set a new standard of living

Timber Frame has set a new standard of living demonstrating that masonry construction cannot compete with centuries-old proven methods of building with wood and this investment in Timber Frame will last the life span of the building – producing many years of happy living in an energy efficient home, with significantly low annual heating and running costs.

Live smarter, turn your home into a smart build

It’s never too late to turn your home into a smart build, with some adjustments to the interior and exterior of your home you can live in a smart and sustainable home and save on annual heating and running costs.

• Insulate walls, ceiling and under floor to aid heating and save on energy costs.
• Install double-glazed windows, or thermal-backed curtains if double-glazing is too expensive.
• Utilise the sun. Orientate a new house for maximum sunshine, install solar water-heating, and consider passive heating options.
• Swap regular light bulbs for eco bulbs.
• Install a rainwater collection tank. Choose water-efficient appliances and low-flow sanitary fittings.
• Use renewable electricity sources where possible, by generating onsite (for example, by installing a small-scale wind turbine or micro-hydro system) or by choosing a power company that generates from renewable sources.
• If deciding to build an extension, build with natural products, such as Timber Frame to reduce heat loss.

If you are building a new home, choosing a closed panel timber frame solution has many more advantages for you including:

• A Rated Energy Performance Certificate
• Improved Thermal Performance
• Improved Thermal Performance
• Improved Flexibility for design
• Sustainable environmental credentials
• Future proofing as building regulations move towards sustainability

The ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ is suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture design, external treatment and internal finish. To find out more about the ‘Smart Construction Methods’ please contact info@qtfhomes.co.uk.