Ultimate Closed System ®

Ultimate Closed System ®

Introducing QTF Services advanced closed panel, factory insulated, high thermal performance wall,
roof and floor systems;

Best Timber Frame in UK

The Ultimate Closed System® is a Timber Frame Kit that offers unbelievable performance, exceptional high level thermal performance and unbeatable airtightness.

The ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ is an advanced timber frame product offered exclusively from QTF Services. Timber Frame is the most widely used structural building method in the world with surging sales in the UK and Ireland in recent years. It only makes sense that one of the leading UK Timber Frame Companies, QTF Services continue to develop the Timber Frame structure to ensure top performance for our clients.

The key benefits that come from the ‘Ultimate Closed System® ‘ is a ultra-low, energy efficient home with high thermal performance by using an integrated closed panel Timber Frame technique.   The ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ is manufactured in QTF Service’s quality controlled factory that minimises waste and provides the most cost effective solution for building Self Builds and Developments.

 Investmenting in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®

An investment in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ Roof, Walls and Panels offers a minimum lifespan of 90 years  – homeowners can live life happily in an energy efficient home, reducing annual heating and running costs, drastically. Hence, allowing homeowners to spend money on more important things. Benefits of the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’  stem far beyond the standard benefits of any Timber Frame structure in terms of self-performance. It gives homeowners a future-proof home that is draught free with high air quality conditions.

Benefits include:

‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates

Reaching the same performance rate of that of a Passive Home

Acheives Irish and Euro Code building standards for sustainable builds

Improved Thermal Performance

Improves buildability and flexibility

Additional and improved environmental credentials

Future Proofing as Building regulations move towards sustainability, your build wont run out of date

Suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture, design, external treatment and internal finish

The ‘Ultimate Closed System® will contribute towards providing solutions for whatever specification is required, be it ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates, Sustainable Euro Code standards or PassivHaus equivalent.

What is ‘Thermal Performance’ and how important is it?

The thermal performance of a building or house plays an increasingly significant part in the decision making process. Consumers are becoming more aware of energy ratings, carbon savings and the thermal benefits available today. This drives the need for greater thermally efficient and cost-effective solutions. The ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ offered by QTF Services answers all these concerns when it comes to making a decision of the material to use in a building project.

One of the main factors contributing towards the environmental performance of a building is the thermal performance of the buildings fabric. The overall Thermal performance is measured in terms of heat loss, and is commonly expressed in the construction industry as a U-value.

The better-insulated the Timber Frame structure,  the lower the U-value will be. Workmanship and installation standards can strongly affect the thermal transmittance. If less insulation or fitted poorly, with gaps and cold bridges, then the thermal transmittance can be considerably higher than desired. Thermal transmittance takes heat loss due to conduction, convection and radiation into account.

QTF ‘Ultimate Closed System®’is a closed panel Timber Frame solution, designed to eliminate the risks of any gaps and closed bridges. It is also professionally insulated and overall ensuring maximum heat retention and active automatic cooling of its environment, driven by natural result of the timber.

U Values results from the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’

Through internally and using an independent third party, QTF Services have determined the uvalue of the Ultimate Clsoed System insulation as 0.15W/m2K.

 ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ expected time frame

The ‘Ultimate Closed System® panels can be erected extremely quickly thereby reducing timescales and speeding up the build programme.  In the past many of QTF Services ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ have been erected within 2-3 days from The closed panel system allows for greater accuracy and a better standard of finish on handover. The largest environmental saving is from reduced energy seen over the buildings life spam.

Bulk purchasing of our raw materials not only reduces green miles but allows us to pass on the economies to our customers.

Based on conventional timber frame, ‘Ultimate Closed System® is accepted by NHBC and conforms to all the appropriate Euro Codes, British and European standards