QTF Services is a forward thinking and leading Timber Frame company with a manufacturing factory based in Northern Ireland with regional offices in London and Glasgow. It is well known for manufacturing and erecting Timber Frame kits for a large segment of the UK and Ireland residential market. For over 15 years QTF Services have provided timber frame kits for self-builders to build stunning cost-effective family homes. Included in this portfolio is the redevelopment of this stunning Modern two story home in Aylesbury, Haddenham

Starting with Timber Frame 

The owner of this redevelopment site contacted QTF Services for a quote on a stunning contemporary development.

  • QTF Services manufactured a bespoke timber frame kit using the drawings provided from the client.
  • The kit was manufactured in QTF services factory based in Northern Ireland.  The kit was made to the exact measurements of the home, reducing any wasted materials.
  • QTF Services then transported this Timber Frame Kit to Haddenham to be erected on site by QTF Services experienced team.
  • The project took 3 days to erect and lead the way for a successful completed within a matter of 4 months.
  • QTF Services also provided the exterior cladding which finishes the home beautifully and brings out the contemporary design of the redevelopment

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Cost of this redevelopment 

Area (ft²) 1285
Kit Price: £20,000.00
Complete Build: £190,000

Sold for £1,150,000 

Following the completion of this project, the stunning home was valued at  £1,150,000 and was sold to a local family who just loved everything about the new development.

The fully-refurbished family home was finished with extensive high quality within the interior and exterior of this project. The layout is extremely adaptable boosting a stunning fully fitted Hacker kitchen, three bathrooms, three living and five bedrooms.


Why Timber Frame is the number one choice for developers 

It’s clear to demonstrate that one of the many reasons developers choose TIMBER FRAME is down to the ease of delivery and speed of completion. Timber Frame can be easily transported and allow QTF Services to reach all locations throughout the UK, Ireland and Jersey.

QTF Services continue to educate self-builders about the incredible benefits building with Timber Frame can have. Director Raymond Moan comments, “We aim to help people wake up to the elaborate costs of building with block and bricks. Subsequently, the design of the home’s built with blocks become out of date very quickly. Timber Frame allows the homeowner to be creative, due to its flexibility in terms of shaping”.

Performance benefits for family homes

Indeed there are huge benefits to Timber Frame and for this project completed by QTF Services in Aylesbury, the home’s energy performance certificate estimates energy costs of just £1,080 that’s £300 under the national average and for a large spacious home (Area ft²1285) it proves that once again timber frame structures offer excellent thermal insulation, resulting in low heating and running costs for homeowners.

What do our customers have to say 

The owner of this stunning build commented on his experience with QTF Services by leaving us a pleasing testimony from his experience. “I found that the QTF team was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of timber framing and no questions were unanswered”– He concludes: “The process of using Timber Frame was as easy as building with alternative methods but without the stress and long timeline and I am more than delighted with the fast turnaround”.

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Even BETTER performance using the ULTIMATE CLOSED SYSTEM®

The thermal performance of a building plays a significant part in the decision-making process when building a house and deciding on what materials to use. Consumers are becoming more aware of energy ratings and carbon savings available today. This drives the need for greater thermal efficiency and cost-effective solutions. The ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ offered by QTF Services answers all these concerns and offers a better-insulated structure.

It’s worth noting that poor workmanship and low installation standards can strongly affect the thermal performance so we suggest you find a company to work with that has proven skills to deliver this level of service.

By investing in the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’ – homeowners can live life happily in an energy efficient home, reducing annual heating and running costs drastically, allowing them to spend money on more important things.

Benefits of the ‘Ultimate Closed System®’  stem far beyond the standard benefits of any Timber Frame structure, find out more here.

Get started on your project today

If you are an architect, developer, builder or are planning on building your own home and would like a quote for our timber frame kits, please contact info@qtfhomes.co.uk, attach your plans and a message and we will arrange a quotation for you. Alternately to speak to our timber frame family contact us on Tel: +44 28 4063 2494