Why choose off-site Timberframe construction?

QTF Services offer Off-site construction of timber frame kits in the UK and Ireland. With our timber frame factory based in Northern Ireland, QTF have been manufacturing and delivering timber frame kits to sites in London, Dublin, Scotland, Wales and Jersey.

So what is Off-Site Construction and why is it important to the UK and Ireland building and construction industry?

Off site timber frame construction is now recognised as a good strategy for minimising waste through efficient manufacturing and design processes. Also known as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), offsite construction has many benefits for self builders and property developers. Benefits such as quality, shortened construction times, cost control, increases in quality and environmental credentials have led to the modern method of timber frame construction becoming increasingly adopted by the construction industry and consumer self-build market.

Off site timber frame construction by QTF Services can help to dramatically reduce the amount of on-site waste that is generated during the assembly and erection of a building.

The Role of Construction in Sustainable Development

The construction industry has a huge impact on everybody’s quality of life by contributing to sustainable development. The focus of sustainable development is on making improvements to the quality of life for everyone, while minimising the use of natural resources. This ensures that these natural resources are not consumed beyond the environments capacity to indefinitely supply these materials.

How is building my home with timber frame sustainable to the environment

Timber frames are environmentally friendly in many ways. The timber itself is a product of sustainable managed forests. However, because the frames are assembled at the factory, there is no onsite waste. A significant amount of wasted timber can be generated through off cuts alone. Timber at the factory can be cut to ensure that waste is minimised. Any waste that is produced can then be used to produce lower grade timber products such as MDF and chip board. The amount of waste that is sent to landfill is negligible.

There is now legislation throughout EU member states that specifically requires contractors and developers to deal with waste efficiently. This is as cost effective as it is environmentally sound.

The thermo-efficient properties of wood make it a naturally ecologically sound building material. This is one of the reasons why more and more people choose to build their home with timber frame, to pro-long the internal warmth allowance that the wood holds, meaning your home stays warmer for longer.

Ensuring quality control procedures

However, increasing environmental credentials is not the only benefit to manufacturing off-site. When timber frames are manufactured off site, they can be subjected to far more rigorous quality control procedures. Many manufacturers of timber frames within the EU including QTF Services Northern Ireland, UK and Ireland – use only the highest quality and certified materials.

Timber frame kit construction also allows for floor cassettes and floor panels to be produced within a controlled environment. This means that the product can be tested on multiple occasions before it reaches the site. Because each element of the superstructure is checked so thoroughly to ensure accuracy, this enables rapid assembly and erection.

Growth of Timber Frame in UK and Ireland

Timber frame Ireland construction is growing and within the UK. Until recently, brick and block construction has been the traditional choice for residential dwellings in the UK however with many self builders and home owners know understanding and physically seeing the benefits to choosing to build with timber frame, market share has increased to 34.7% in 2017 with expectations to rise. (Read more on our latest blog article about the rise of timber frame market in Ireland & UK).

The timber frame industry is typically responsible and pro-active when it comes to working with low carbon, sustainable and natural materials. However, the timber frame industry is able to offer significant benefits to the wider construction industry. Timber frames have a significant positive impact on the construction of buildings in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of structures and sustainability, this is one of the many reasons why businesses and business property developers are choosing timber frame to exploit from the benefits and savings that new properties can have on your business.

Like many Timber Frame companies that manufacture timber frames , QTF Services constantly review their design and manufacturing processes. With a strong business ethos on achieving sustainable status we have been award with arrange of accreditations and awards for our manufacturing processes (See accreditations and awards here).

We believe that investing in our people, in machinery and software which will optimise efficiency and reduce waste even further. – Raymond Moan, QTF Services. 

By choosing to build or start a project using timber frame you will see a high reduction in the demand for raw materials required and waste produced, compare to if you were building a block house. Building within a sustainable environment is possible and have many more benefits for self-builds, businesses and home owners (see full benefits here).

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