If you’re new to the Self Build market or a first-time buyer, you may be asking yourself what exactly is Timber Frame Housing, why do others build with Timber Frame and should you build with Timber Frame. Well at QTF Services we want to offer you are valuable advice, with a lifetime of experience in manufacturing Timber Frame.

Building with Timber Frame is one of the fastest-growing construction methods in the world, it is also one of the oldest construction methods before concrete became readily available.

There are many reasons why people choose to build with Timber Frame, including growing environmental concerns and because it offers an efficient, quality, dependable form of living. At QTF Timber Frame Services our team have a lifetime of experience in the construction trade in the UK and Ireland with weekly deliveries of Timber Frame Kits to Self Builders and Developments. So we understand a thing or two about modern-day construction.

Understanding the difference between Timber Frame and Conventional Block Building

The main difference between conventional building methods (Block & Brick) & Timber Frame construction is that the inner shell of the house is erected with a timber structure rather than a block shell. Exterior walls are then built around the Timber Frame Structure which includes the correct airtightness & insulation required to keep your house sealed and warm. The exterior walls may include brick, mortar or cladding or a mixture of these. In this effort, you can experience the benefits of timber frame inside your home with a house that looks just as good as a conventional build, if not better. Timber Frame houses are indistinguishable to that of a block and brick homes.

In a Timber Frame House, the structure consists of wooden wall panels, with open and closed panel timber frame options available. Timber Floor and Roofing materials build the complete timber framework for your house. A sturdy shell is created using all three timber components of which the external walls are built around. Take a look at the step-by-step Timberframe construction process below.

The plasterboard, outer layers, cavity walls & weatherproof insulation are the same as a conventional block or brick-built house. But the lightweight interior Timber Frame is what provides the benefits to the home, playing the key roles in the overall quality, performance and strength of the build.

The benefits of Timber Frame include

Building Cost reduced and more controlled

99% of self-builders who choose to build with Timber Frame see a significant saving in reduced construction costs. All costs are fixed which allows for certainty on budget and greater control of spend. Due to the excellent speed of construction labour costs can be greatly reduced.


Building a Timber Frame self-build can see you move into your dream home much faster – as they can be built up to 30% faster than a conventional building method. QTF Timber Frame kits can be erected within 3 days, meaning you’re ready to move to the next stage in construction almost immediately.

Delivered on-site throughout the UK & Ireland

We deliver our Timber Frame in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland from our manufacturing factory in Northern Ireland. Our team will deliver and erect your kit on your site, fully managed.

Professional Standards

We take a lot of pride in quality and standard of our Timber Frame kits which is why we hold the most awards for certifications than any other timber frame supplier in Northern Ireland. We have been awarded for Quality, Employee Greatness and Manufacturing processes.

Saving on running costs

At the moment the average home heating, fuel and electricity bills costs are between £800.00- £950.00 per annum, but a Timberframe house running costs calculate to around £270.00 a year to heat. It is also alarming to think that many blockhouses which are now being built are years out of date by the time they are finished.


When considering to build with Timber Frame we would encourage any client to ensure they are buying at the best quality. Quality is in our name and at QTF Services we put a substantial amount of time and effort in proving that we offer one of the highest quality products in the UK and Ireland. Take a look at our Health and Safety page for more details on our approved certifications.


Having been in this industry for many years, we ensure that our client’s Timber frame project is taken care off by providing a supply-and-erect contract, with a dedicated contracts manager to oversee the timber frame element of the project.

Building Performance

A high advantage fact regarding Timber frame is that they are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs. Whether you’re building your first home or a bigger scale property for commercial purposes, a timber frame project will help you save money in the long term running costs. It is also proven to give you excellent acoustic performance.


Timber frame is not affected by the increase in lead time as traditional materials (such as bricks and blocks) can be. Therefore if you have a commercial property project, choosing a Timber Frame will ensure that buildings are completed much quicker than a brick or block finish.

To summarise, Timber Frame construction is an established building method being used by more and more self-builders today than ever before. If you are considering building with Timber Frame for your Self-Build project then you absolutely should speak to a member of our team, they will answer any construction and timber frame self build questions you have. Or read the benefits to Timber Frame on our website.

Here are our recommended step-by-step guide to starting your self-build project.

Get your Planning Permission Sorted

When you have secured a plot of land for building, we recommend working with an Architect to establish your ideal house size and design. Once happy with your design, planning permission is required to get the go-ahead for your building site.

Once you have obtained planning permission you can send your plans to us, your timber frame manufacturer and we will use these plans to develop drawings in conjunction with required regulations & also give you a no-obligation quotation for the project. Once you are happy to proceed QTF Services will provide you with everything you need to be forwarded to your building contractor.

Ready to rock with Construction of substructure.

The foundations of your home is a heavily important element to a high-quality timber frame building. Our team will inspect the foundations to eliminate potential problems and complete a survey on the substructure to ensure it is ready for your Timber Frame Kit to be manufactured. Once we manufacture your kit we can erect it in a matter of days.

Timberframe construction, erected on site.

QTF Services will deliver and erect your Timber Frame Kit on site (provided crane & appropriate scaffolding on-site) The timber frame panels can be erected in a matter of days, we have had kits erected between 3 and 10 days depending on size and complexity.

Internal and external finishing.

To ensure airtightness in your home the roof receives felt and lath as soon as the trusses are in place, meaning you can see the entire shell completed. External doors and windows you have chosen are fitted enabling work to begin on the inside of your dwelling, i.e. electricians, plumbers, plasters etc. The external brick or block materials can then be completed on the exterior of the shell.

To summarise, Timber Frame construction is an established building method being used by more and more self-builders today than ever before. If you are considering building with Timber Frame for your Self-Build project then you absolutely should speak to a member of our team, they will answer any construction and timber frame self build questions you have. Or read more benefits to Timber Frame on our website. 

At QTF Services we feel our excellent levels of communication, knowledge and service are one of the reasons so many people choose to work with us. We keep in touch throughout all stages of the development of your Timber Frame Home and make sure your building