Block or Timber Frame?

Wake up to the exorbitant annual costs of running your home as a result of building a concrete or block built home.

At QTF Homes we have manufactured and delivered hundred of Timber Frame kits to self builders across the UK and Ireland who are looking to build strong durable and sustainable homes and the response has been wonderful!

QTF overall aim is to help clients build their dream homes and encourage others to wake up to the exorbitant annual costs of home running costs when it came to concrete and block builds. As a company we continue to exploit the huge benefits of a thermally efficient and ecologically sustainable home, resulting in huge savings for home owners, which is provided when you choose a timber frame kit to build your dream property.

A highly advantage fact regarding Timber Frame is that they are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs. At the moment the average home heating, fuel and electricity bills costs are between £800.00- £950.00 per annum, but a house built using a timber frame package costs only around £270.00 a year to heat (statistic average from TRADA Association).

It is also alarming to think that many block houses which are now being built are years out of date by the time they are finished, which leads to the additional benefit of using timber frame, the speed being considerably faster to traditional on-site methods, the build time for such properties is considerably reduced and timber frame kits can be erected within days and clients can only have months between the start and completion date.

Whether you’re creating timber houses or a bigger scale property for commercial purposes, a timber frame build is sure to help save you money in the long run, through home running costs as well as this it’s proven to give you excellent acoustic performance.

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