How to build a successful house extension…

Are you happy with where you live but would like that bit more space? An extension to your home is the way forward! Every home is unique to the people who live in them so here are some tips on how to successfully extend your home following our experiences and expert advice at QTF Homes..

  1. 10. Approvals

Depending on the size, shape and scale of your new extension, you may need to apply for planning permission but don’t panic. As each local council is different there is no straightforward rule of thumb for designing extensions so work with a designer who listens and offers creative ideas. If your extension does not need planning permission it will require building regulations approval. This is to enforce construction standards across the UK and safeguard you from so-called ‘cowboy builders’.

  1. 9. Neighbors

Speak to your neighbors and let them know you are planning an extension, a quick simple chat can go along way when it comes to getting planning permission approved quickly.

  1. 8. Budget

As simple as it may sound however at QTF Homes we have encounter people with the smallest house extension projects can commonly overspend. Have you set a budget per square meter? What about a contingency fund. Other factors to consider are consultant and design fees and local authorities fees too. However don’t be put off, your designer or consultant can manage this for you and take care of it.

  1. 7. Purpose

Have you considered what the purpose to your extension may be? Is a question most people think they know the answer to, however people within the household may have different ideas for the pace.

Consider who will use the space best, are you craving a brighter bigger kitchen dining or living space and will this space be a central hub for the household. If so, you may want to consider ensuring the best energy efficiency within this space, making running and heating costs as low as possible which will have a huge impact on your annual savings. Deciding to build your extension with a timber frame offers our clients energy savings with excellent thermal and sound insulation. See more about our advantages to choosing a timber frame here.

QTF Homes have also worked with clients who have decided to build a timber frame PASSIVE HOUSE which is the fastest growing energy efficiency buildings. Click Passive House to find out why.

  1. 6. Choosing a block build or timber frame extension

There are many reasons to choose a timber frame extension over a block build. Timber frame kits are made off-site in a secure factory environment, they are then transported and erected by our team on-site and within a few days the timber frame structure is complete. Block however takes a lot longer and can cause eye-sore problems for neighbors if the project drags on.

  • Timber frame kits act as super-structures and support the building so their is no need for load bearing walls, choosing a timber frame gives you use of your space within the proximity of your extension, block with installation takes up more of your space.
  • Timber frames have the capability of more complex designs, so if you are thinking outside the box, then a timber frame extension will allow you to be create with space and shape of the extension.
  • As a timber frame kit is erected a lot quicker than block, you will have less labour and construction costs, freeing up some of that budget for your interior plans!
  • You can find out more about these advantages and more benefits to choosing a timber frame home here.  
  1. 5. Materials

Crucial finishes bring the extension to life. The materials used to finish your extension will determine its external beauty and complement your home. Timber Cladding is a material that is being used more frequently and it looks beautiful for that rustic feel.

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Or a clean crisp finish to your timber frame extension will produce a contemporary extension with a mix of white render and grey slate.

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Alternatively clients have added timber frame extensions to their home that compliments the existing building.

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  1. 4. Think outside the box

An extension can be upwards into the loft, outwards as an addition or downwards to a basement therefore no extension is the same so make yours stand out from the crowd and give it the wow factor! Maybe add some quirky details to the design that sets yours aside from the typical extension – whether it is the shape of the extension or a hidden glazing panel where the new meets old.

Plus when choosing how to build your extension remember that QTF Timber Frames are very versatile when it comes to design. Having being successfully involved in the design of many timber houses and commercial properties over the previous 10 years we ensure there are very little limitations in the design process and can work up the best design to your requirements.

  1. 3. Landscaping and groundwork’s

Consider the access boundaries to your home and where you wish the extension to be. Will it be easy for site ground workers to access with machinery? If not, don’t panic! Speak to our consultant or a groundwork professional, if they are good they will offer you the simplest solution. We have worked with a number of groundwork professionals and can assist you to find the best person to speak to regarding your extension.

When showing your new extension to friends and family do you want a tired looking garden or would you rather show off your home as an entirety. Paving and kerbing around your extension will really set it off.

  1. 2. Choose the right builder for the project

Crucial to constructing your dream home or extension, as with the wrong one your dream will very quickly become a nightmare! So make sure you research builder’s long and hard, visit previous projects they have done, (see QTF here) carry out numerous chats with them (as let’s face you have to be able to work with them!) and take a look on websites for reviews (See QTF Homes testimonials here). If you do decide to speak to a us at QTF Homes we would be more than happy to meet with you and look over your, plans have a chat and provide a quote for a timber frame extension.

We promise you will not be disappointed with our experience and knowledge as we have helped homes across the UK and Ireland with stunning timber frame extension projects over the past 10 years.

“From start to finish Raymond and his team have been a pleasure to work with, nothing has been too much trouble, the attention to detail has been superb. QTF work in partnership with their clients to find the best solution! The sensitive nature, and location of the site created a number of design and onsite challenges”… Read more here about what our client had to say. .

  1. 1. Communication

To get the most out of your experience with the designer you must be open and honest Extending your home can be immensely rewarding and can make a big difference to your lifestyle and with a little insight and some useful advice you will soon be well on your way to living the dream! Doing it to your budget and with a builder you can trust is half the battle and takes all the stress away.

Ready to get started with your extension? Call QTF Homes on  028 4063 2494 to get started or email Raymond and the team will be delighted to help, click here to find out more about Raymond and QTF Homes.