The London Timber Frame Construction industry increases with rapid rate for developers

Timber frame buildings are best known for their warmth and their speed of construction and in a busy city like London there is no time for delays and as a result London timber frame builds are on the increase, but what other benefits are their for city buildings and property construction in the UK market?

There is a lot more to timber frame than this, Including:

Speedy & Simple timber frame construction methods

QTF Services Timber frame kits can be erected within three to five days after being delivered to site. All framework and structural panels are manufactured off-site in a timber frame company factory and they can be made in conjunction with foundation laying and substructure, therefore allowing a more intense construction schedule. Because of this the building and construction of a block of 20 apartments can be built within a short number of months and even weeks, which is a huge benefits for developers as they seek to turn around property development plans quickly to increase and make the most on the return of investment. In comparison, if they used a block build the time would be increased considerably.
What if mistakes are made? Wont this slow things down?

The timber frame is manufactured under factory controlled conditions, leaving the structure highly accurate. Each corner is a perfect right angle and each wall is perfectly straight. This simplifies the erection process on site, with all the components fitting together exactly as they were designed.

Heat Efficiency in timber buildings

QTF Services offer the UK Timber Frame Homes and have worked on many timber frame projects in London. With a manufacturing factory based in Northern Ireland, timber frame kits are designed, manufactured and then transported to every corner of the UK and Ireland on a weekly basis. Due to the nature of a timber frame build, QTF can transport a complete build project within 24 hours to be ready to be erected on site, on time the following day.

Building a timber frame property with Sound Insulation in UK cities

QTF Service reports show that Timber Frame properties are highly insulated and are 27% more energy efficient than the current Building Regulations. The insulation is contained inside the inner panel which results in a high sound insulation barrier – much more than a traditional build house or apartment . There is also no heat lost in blockwork, giving a damp free energy efficient house. The factory accurate timber frame structure ensures all panels and framework fits snugly, eliminating draughts and any consequent heat loss, ensuring savings in heating costs.

Smaller Skilled Work Force Required

Timber frame also solves the growing problem with tradesmen for builders and self build. The timber frame kit is designed and assembled off site and therefore requires a smaller skilled work force on site. It decreases the number of tradesmen’s working hours. Which can save property developers and contractors a lot of money. QTF Services have a complete work force of tradesmen available for the delivery, erection and assembly of kits.

Building Regulations in England

Recent changes in Building Regulations in London and all other area of England have taken place, with regards to increasing cavity wall width for more warmth. These conditions can easily be met using timber frame construction without compromising room sizes or site area if plans have already been approved and without increasing cavity wall width, timber frame construction already provides thermally efficient and performs well acoustically enabling the new regulations to be met.

If you are a developer, contractor or self builder and are looking a London Timber Frame build or located within the UK and Ireland, QTF Services would be delighted to offer you are assistance and are confident we will be able to offer you a competitive quote for your timber frame build.

We would be very happy to hear from you to discuss the advantages and costs so please contact us at or Tel: +44 28 4063 2494.

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