QTF Services are now members of ‘The Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers’ Association’ (ITFMA). ‘The Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers’ Association’ is the Trade Association for the timber frame manufacturing industry in Ireland. It is an independently constituted company and all full members are represented on the Board of Directors.

The Irish Timber Frame Manufacturers’ Association is the recognised representative body for Timber Frame Manufacturers on the Island of Ireland and membership is synonymous with professionalism and quality.

ITFMA will market the timber frame concept, will arrange for the provision of education and training, will lobby and liaise with relevant external bodies, and increases its membership base by providing a suite of relevant services to its members.

Timber frame is the fastest growing method of construction in Ireland simply because it is a tested and proven quality product with strong environmental and overall sustainability credentials. The underlying factors attributing to it strong market penetration include:

  • An increased knowledge of the system by designers, specifies, builders and consumers
  • Strong lobbying by the ITFMA
  • Simply it is a construction system that makes environmental, and financial sense

The Irish Timber Frame Manufactures’ Association Timber Frame ensures a constant level of consumer confidence which is an important objective for QTF Services to deliver our Timber Frame Kits throughout Ireland.


If you wish to speak to us about our Irish Timberframe kits please email or telephone Tel: +44 28 4063 2494.