QTF Timber Frame begins works on new Multi-million-pound housing plans on the site of the historic linen factory in Banbridge.

The development will provide social housing and specially adapted accommodation for the elderly and those with disabilities.

The vacant site is the old Brookfields linen factory – in an area known as Peggy’s Loaning of Banbridge – where production ceased around 20 years ago.

The new project will consist of a total of 37 timber frame residential units. These will include six apartments for the elderly, within category one, which is described as being for the ‘more active elderly’.

There will also be 22 ‘general needs’ houses,  six ‘general needs’ apartments and three wheelchairs adapted houses.

The 12 apartments will be in three blocks and the other 25 properties will be two-story semi-detached units, each with a small front and larger rear garden.

Director of QTF Timber Frame Raymond Moan says ‘ Timber Frame will offer the speed this project needs to be completed within the coming months. Not only will speed of construction be a key element but long-term the housing will provide ease of life to the elderly and those vulnerable who will live there. Timber Frame provides warmer homes no matter what the size due to excellent insulation and very low energy costs in terms of running and heating. We look forward to working on the project and seeing the site transform”.

For more information please contact info@qtfhomes.co.uk