Home completed in Warwickshire, England

Home completed in Warwickshire, England

Incorporating our cutting-edge Ultimate Closed System®, the newly erected house stands as a testament to the unbeatable performance, exceptional high-level thermal capabilities, and remarkable airtightness provided by QTF Timber Frames.

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Warwickshire, England


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Project Overview

We are delighted to showcase our recent collaboration in aiding in the completion of a remarkable new home in Warwickshire, England. As the primary supplier of timber frames, QTF Timber Frames played a pivotal role in the construction process, contributing to the creation of a home that not only boasts impressive aesthetics but also achieves outstanding thermal efficiency.

Ultimate Closed System®

The heart of this project lies in our proprietary Ultimate Closed System®, a testament to innovation and advanced construction techniques. This system offers an impressive u-value of 0.15W/m2K, showcasing a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

QTF Timber Frames Contribution

QTF Timber Frames was entrusted with supplying the timber frames for this project, ensuring that the structural foundation of the house aligns with our commitment to quality and performance. Our timber frames seamlessly integrate with the Ultimate Closed System®, forming a robust and reliable structure that enhances the overall efficiency of the home.

Unparalleled Thermal Performance

Using QTF Timber Frames Ultimate Closed System® resulted in an unparalleled level of thermal performance. The house now stands as a beacon of energy efficiency, providing optimal comfort to its inhabitants while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Airtightness Excellence

Achieving unbeatable airtightness was a key goal for this project, and through the synergy of QTF Timber Frames’ precision-crafted timber components and the Ultimate Closed System®, we surpassed expectations. The home boasts exceptional airtightness, ensuring minimal heat loss and maximizing energy conservation.


In summary, our partnership in Warwickshire exemplifies the success that arises from the fusion of QTF Timber Frames’ expertise and the revolutionary Ultimate Closed System®. The completed home stands as a testament to the possibilities when innovation, quality timber, and advanced construction methods converge. 

We take pride in contributing to a residence that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients in terms of performance, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.