Log Cabins

QTF Homes manufacture Timber frame log cabins and outdoor rooms to your design and specification

Ideal for self builders or people who have land they wish to use for renting, these log cabin homes are made from high quality timber and can be transported as they pre-factory built in sections which offers maximum choice to the customer. We manufacture these homes to meet individual requirements and custom designs to suit your personal taste

QTF Homes will provide you with the built shell of your timber frame modular home giving you the opportunity to finish your home how you wish.


Whether it is a permanent or semi-permanent housing option you require – their are many advantages which are rapidly catching on. After viewing our portfolio, we can discuss individual requirements and customize designs to suit your personal taste.

Benefits include the flexible design that is great for temporary, permanent or re-locatable buildings, for instance self-builder who look for a cost effective temporary living while they plan to build.

  • The Rapid on-site completion of log cabins is another great benefit if you have a site available and wish to get set up quickly
  • These log cabins are build with timber framing and offer rapid on-site completion
  • Super energy efficiency for low energy and running costs just like a timber frame house
  • Comprehensive design and build facility
  • House can be finished to customer specification in render or log cabin
  • Customers looks after interior fixings and finish designed to your own taste

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