Log Cabins and Modular Homes

Considering a Mobile Home or a Log Cabin Kit? QTF Homes offers First-time buyers & Self-builders the perfect solution.

Many people think of mobile homes and static caravans as having substandard comfort, dreary designs and paper-thin walls. However, they are not all like this. Modern mobile homes, (modular homes) and log cabins are built to the specification of a ‘caravan’ but can offer all the luxury of conventional residential living, and in many circumstance they do not require the need for planning approval. Also they come in a variety of designs and styles with enough space for over five bedrooms, toilets, kitchen and living spaces.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our Gallery of modular, mobile homes and log cabins here:

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Benefits for Self-Builders and First time buyers.

Modular homes or log cabin homes are the ideal solution for first time buyers who are looking to self-build. Modular homes are made from top quality QTF timber and they can be built to the same insulation values as a normal timber frame house meaning you get the same benefits as you would with your self-build. Hence, lower-costs and therefore if you are planning to build your own home some day, a modular home or log cabin is the perfect solution to save on renting and heating costs.

Locating your log cabin.

If you own suitable land, perhaps a modular home or log cabin is the ideal gateway to get onto the rental property ladder. Build-to-rent is on the increase and this solution means you could build a timber frame modular home or log cabin at a much lower cost. See more information on our timber frame kits which can be manufactured and erected much quickly than conventional and traditional building methods therefore lowering the cost of construction and making your build-to-rent project complete in a matter of weeks. (See full benefits here).

How to buy a timber frame mobile or log cabin.

QTF Homes timber frame manufacturing factory based in Rathfriland, Co Down can manufacture twin unit modular cabin homes off-site in our timber frame factory and deliver and erect the structure, on-site, in two divisible sections. Your modular home will be built with the same materials, wall thicknesses, and insulation and internal finishes as a normal new-build residential house, whist still conforming to the definition of a Mobile Home. These buildings have a lifespan of well over 100 years and are extremely cost effective starting from just £10,000.

QTF Homes are timber frame builders who manufactured timber frame kits for homes and property projects throughout the UK and Ireland. Each home is bespoke and designed to the clients requirements. We make the timber frame panels for the homes in our factory and then assemble the frame onsite. Modular homes and log cabin homes are assembled in a similar way with just a few adjustments made to ensure they meet ‘Caravan Act’ regulations. The homes are designed with a timber chassis that allows the building to be lifted onto a trailer and transported away from site – QTF Homes take care of the delivery also to make life easier for you.

Get a quote for your timber frame mobile home or log cabin.

To get a quote for your self build cabin home, simply get in touch with QTF Homes to arrange a meeting, we will discuss your location, ideal cabin size and any specifications you require, the team will then provide you with a quote – our experts at QTF Homes can answer any questions you have also, so its always good to arrange a meeting and get a chat.

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