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Bookham, England Ultimate Closed Panel

Incorporating our cutting-edge Ultimate Closed System®, the newly erected house stands as a testament to the unbeatable performance, exceptional high-level thermal capabilities, and remarkable airtightness provided by QTF Timber Frames.

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Bookham, England


1 house

Project Overview

QTF Timber Frames takes pride in its significant contribution to a recent construction project in Bookham, England, where an Ultimate Closed Panel system was skillfully erected. 

This case study highlights QTF’s pivotal role as the primary supplier of timber frames for the Ultimate Closed System®, showcasing our commitment to quality craftsmanship and advanced construction solutions.

Ultimate Closed System®

The focal point of this project was the utilisation of the innovative Ultimate Closed Panel System. Renowned for its efficiency and modern construction techniques, the system offers a seamless and airtight enclosure. QTF Timber Frames played a crucial role in ensuring the timber components met the highest standards, aligning with the excellence synonymous with the Ultimate Closed System®.

QTF Timber Frames’ Supply Contribution

Serving as the principal supplier of timber frames for this project, QTF Timber Frames ensured the timely delivery of precision-crafted components that formed the structural backbone of the Ultimate Closed Panel System. Our commitment to quality materials and exacting standards ensured the successful integration of timber elements into the construction process.

Erected in Bookham, England

The Ultimate Closed Panel System, with QTF Timber Frames’ supplied timber, was expertly erected in Bookham, England. This phase of the project showcased the seamless collaboration between our timber components and the innovative system, resulting in a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing construction.

Performance Excellence

The combination of QTF Timber Frames’ timber components and the Ultimate Closed Panel System led to a construction with exceptional performance attributes. The house in Bookham now stands as a testament to the synergy between quality materials and advanced construction methods, offering outstanding thermal efficiency and unbeatable airtightness.


QTF Timber Frames is proud to have played a vital role in the success of the Bookham project, contributing to the erection of the Ultimate Closed Panel System.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality timber frames that integrate seamlessly into innovative construction solutions. The collaboration in Bookham stands as a testament to the efficacy of QTF Timber Frames’ contributions to cutting-edge construction projects, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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