Aboyne Primary School Nursery Extension, Scotland

Aboyne Primary School Nursery Extension, Scotland

In this case study we will look at how QTF Timber Frames’ involvement in a recent school build in Aboyne, Scotland. in which we provided the timber framing to build the new nursery extension. 

Project Info




Aboyne, Scotland


A school nursery extension

Project Overview

In collaboration with main contractors and developers across the UK and Ireland, QTF Services stands at the forefront of delivering cost-effective Timber Frame solutions. Our fleet networks efficiently connect with our Northern Ireland factory, enabling seamless manufacturing and on-site delivery for projects across the region.

QTF embarked on a significant project, the construction of a Nursery Extension for Aboyne Primary School in Scotland. This case study sheds light on how QTF Timber Frames contributed to this endeavour.

Collaborative Solutions:

QTF Services collaborates closely with main contractors and developers, ensuring cost-effective Timber Frame solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project. The partnership with Timber Frame Scotland exemplifies our commitment to delivering excellence in construction.

Efficient Manufacturing and Delivery:

Leveraging our very own fleet networks, QTF Services streamlines the manufacturing process at our Northern Ireland factory and delivers Timber Frame kits on-site, ready for assembly. This efficient approach ensures timely project completion and client satisfaction.

Timber Frame Solution:

QTF Services played a pivotal role by manufacturing and delivering a precision-crafted Timber Frame kit for the new Nursery Extension. This solution not only showcased our commitment to quality but also contributed to the efficiency and structural integrity of the construction.


In conclusion, QTF Timber Frames’ work with the Aboyne Primary School Nursery Extension exemplifies our dedication to delivering tailored Timber Frame solutions. As we continue to redefine construction standards, this case study stands as a testament to the seamless integration of our expertise into diverse projects, ensuring the successful realisation of educational spaces and beyond.

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