Why Choose QTF?

Proven Track Record Of Success

Whether it be self-build, residential or commercial, Raymond and his team at QTF Ltd will assist in every instance based on the requirements of each project. Our commitment to the health and Safety of our Products, Factory and Staff are demonstrated through our committed efforts towards continuous improvements, certifications, awards and memberships within national government and industry bodies. Just this year we were delighted to have won our ‘Investors in People’ 2016 award reflecting leading workplace trends. The award has been developed to describe the capabilities an organisation needs to succeed and highlight the small steps required to achieve excellence. By meeting the Investors in People Standard, QTF Homes can demonstrate the achievement of excellent people, management and leadership.

We wish to prove to each and every client that when they choose QTF Ltd, that they are choosing the best quality timber kit products for their dream home or commercial projects that will give families, home owners and building proprietors happy, comfortable and financially benefiting living or working conditions.

What makes us Distinctive…

At QTF Homes we believe we have a distinctive capability compared to our competitors – apart from being assured of outstandingly beautiful results:

Sustainable homes

In recent years environmental building movement is becoming increasingly mainstream in Ireland & the UK. QTF Homes have adapted quickly to this market in order to fulfil our client’s needs, we became the second company in Ireland to be certified by the Passive Consultants institute, the standards agency for Passive Homes enabling us to design, manufacture and build sustainable low energy homes. QTF Homes thrive to stay on top of changes of building trends, standards and policies enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors.

Cost Effectiveness as well as high performance structures

Our costs are highly competitive and we put substantial efforts into finding the best quality timber for our structures. The materials used in our timber framed builds is from high quality Scandinavian or Canadian timber, which has dry matter content higher than that of Irish and British timber.

Best Management practice

Investors in people Award QTF Homes always give 100% in ensuring we communicate effectively with our clients to provide the highest standard of service and we do this by having excellence communication between our employees and management team which has been proven with our recent Investors in People Award – “By meeting the Investors in People Standard, you can be confident you’re amongst the very best in the world, when it comes to people management – An investors in People award recognises the people and teams that make the difference every day.” (Source: https://www.investorsinpeople.com).
Proving our commitments to excellence, we endeavour to be the most comprehensive company within our field, guaranteeing attention to detail quality, craftsmanship and excellent service and prove this through our growing list of industry certifications and awards, view here.

Communications and Advice Guaranteed

We offer our advice throughout the building process, our aim is to see beautiful designed buildings come to life and with our robust experience in the construction market we are able to be insightful and actionable in regards to the building of properties, working with forward thinking architects, engineers and other specialists, offering advice in budget controls, operation costs and overall delivering a completely professional service.