Stylish Modern Home in Greystones, County Wicklow Ireland

Building Relationships Through Quality, Greystones Co Wicklow

QTF Services recently completed a contemporary three-story closed-panel home in Greystones.

This project marks another successful collaboration with an architect we have partnered with on several previous projects, highlighting our ability to foster long-term professional relationships.

Project Info


Greystones, County Wicklow


Contemporary Three-Story Home


The project involved designing and constructing a contemporary three-story home using closed-panel construction to meet the client’s specifications. This required seamless collaboration with a trusted architect to ensure the project adhered to high standards of design and functionality.

Additionally, the goal was to strengthen our ongoing relationship with the architect by delivering a home that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Design and Planning

The project began with a detailed consultation with the architect and the homeowner to understand their vision and requirements. The design plan focused on creating a sleek, modern home that utilised closed-panel construction for efficiency and durability.

Key design features included contemporary aesthetics with clean lines, open spaces, and modern materials; efficient construction using closed panel techniques to ensure a high-quality build; and functional spaces with a thoughtful layout to maximise living space and comfort.


QTF Services meticulously executed the construction plan, working closely with the architect to ensure every detail was perfect. The process involved implementing our closed-panel construction for quick, efficient, and precise building, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a premium finish, and maintaining open communication with the architect and homeowner throughout the project.


The completed home in Greystones is a testament to modern design and efficient construction. The sleek, contemporary style and high-quality finishes exceeded the homeowner’s expectations. The project also strengthened our professional relationship with the architect, demonstrating our commitment to building not just homes, but lasting partnerships.


QTF Services successfully completed a contemporary three-story home in Greystones, showcasing our expertise in modern construction and our ability to maintain strong professional relationships. This project reinforces our reputation for quality and reliability in the construction industry.

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