Timber Frame Wales

Timber Frame Wales

QTF Timber Frame Wales ensures timely delivery of timber frames across Wales through an efficient logistics network. Our commitment to precision guarantees that your frame kits arrive promptly and in optimal condition , whether for a self-build or larger development. Choose QTF Timber for reliable and efficient Timber Frame delivery in Wales .

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QTF Services stands as the leading Timber Frame company in Timber Frame construction in Wales, thanks to our unmatched expertise and meticulous approach to delivering Timber Frames on time every time

Highlighting our commitment to precision, we not only prioritise attention to detail but also ensure rigorous compliance with the Euro Codes for Construction in Wales, providing our clients with confidence in the structural integrity of their homes.

Timber Frame construction technology in Wales allows us to create energy-efficient homes that surpass industry standards. The Ultimate Closed Panel Timber Frame remains our distinctive solution, embodying excellence in closed-panel Timber Frame construction.

‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates

Reaching the same performance rate of that of a Passive Home

Achieves Irish and Euro Code building standards for sustainable builds

Improved Thermal Performance

Improves buildability and flexibility

Future Proofing as Building regulations move towards sustainability, your build wont run out of date

Additional and improved environmental credentials

Suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture, design, external treatment and internal finish

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20 Years Experience

QTF Timber Frame brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project.


Our network fleet and team of joiners make completing your project stress-free.

Quality Assurance

We prioritise quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.