Top 7 house building trends for 2017

If there’s one thing the property market is particularly averse to, it’s uncertainty. So what house building trends can we count on?

Build to Rent
The private rented sector has grown 82% over the last decade, and it won’t be slowing down in 2017. Build to Rent forms a large part of the Mayor of London’s Draft Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance, which will see a new wave of investment hitting the sector in 2017, which makes Timber Frame buildings the ideal choice for property investors who look to build quickly, with low costs and excellent cost saving benefits.

Offsite construction
Offsite and modular approaches to construction with timber frame kits, which can see a home built in around 25% of the time taken using traditional methods, is expected to receive increasing attention in 2017. This follows the damning verdict from the Farmer Review, which warned house builders must ‘modernise’ and build long-term sustainable homes, which saves time and money during build with less wasted materials saving the self-builder thousands, which timber frame homes from QTF Homes offers.

QTF Homes Off-site Construction 

All framework and structural panels are manufactured in the factory and they can be made in conjunction with foundation laying and substructure, therefore allowing a more intense construction schedule. The timber frame is manufactured under factory controlled conditions, leaving the structure highly accurate. Each corner is a perfect right angle and each wall is perfectly straight. This simplifies the erection process on site, with all the components fitting together exactly as they were designed.

Smart homes
Smart technology has hacked into the mainstream and made itself at home. With the launch of LG and Samsung smart fridges, app enabled heating systems, smart-phone controlled lighting and wifi connected gardens – it’s all the go for new homes in 2017. But with smart homes, comes smart and flexible design. Timber Frames are very versatile when it comes to design. QTF Homes Timber Frame kits can be manufactured and designed to meet clients’ and architects’ requirements.

Flexible homes
2016 witnessed the launch of the prefabricated homes throughout UK cities, which can be altered to suit the owner’s needs. The most important lesson from 2016 is that nothing stays the same. We need houses that can adapt to modern families, lifestyles and environments and with the flexibility of design that comes with timber frame homes it is no wonder the expected increase in flexible timber frame kits within city and towns for 2017.

New infrastructure
Sites with development potential in zones 3 to 6 of Greater London have seen a marked increase in interest from developers in recent years, according to Strutt & Parker, as their focus moves out of the more exclusive and saturated zones 1 and 2 markets in order to build stock that is more affordable and easier to sell. We can see this trend moving to our smaller cities throughout the UK and Ireland. Saving in reduced construction costs, timber frame buildings are manufactured and erected fast – a saving up to 30% faster than conventional and traditional building methods.

Creeping inflation will remain a concern throughout 2017, threatening the UK’s competitiveness, driving up build and labour costs and putting pressure on interest rates. Timber frame also solves the growing problem with tradesmen for builders and self build. The timber frame kit is designed and assembled off-site and therefore requires a smaller skilled work force on site.
It decreases the number of tradesmen’s costs and working hours. e.g.

  • Electricians – no tracking require
  • Plumbers – no tracking required
  • Bricklayers – 50% less work required
  • Joiners – all panels/structures are accurately made in the factory and therefore easier and quicker to construct together

The Housing White Paper
The defining moment for housebuilders in 2017 will be the Housing White Paper in January. The Autumn Statement teased the industry with big money and big promises; the Housing White paper is expected to detail how those funds can be channeled into delivering more homes, quickly.
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