Timber Frame England

Timber Frame England

QTF Timber delivers timber frames to England swiftly and efficiently, utilising a streamlined logistics network for precise and prompt transportation.

Choose QTF for reliable and timely delivery of your project's structural foundation.

Timber Frame Manufacture
Timber Frame Manufacture

Leading the way in

QTF Services is a leading manufacturer of Closed Panel Timber Frame Construction. 

Case Study: Timber Frame in North Yorkshire | England

Rebecca, a homeowner in Shrawley Worcester embarked on her self-build journey and sought a reliable partner to construct her dream home. QTF Timber Frame was recommended by friends who had recently completed their own project with exceptional results.

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20 Years Experience

QTF Timber Frame brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your project.


Our network fleet and team of joiners make completing your project stress-free.

Quality Assurance

We prioritise quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.