Transformative Contribution to a London Hotel

Transformative Contribution to a London Hotel

In this exploration, we unveil the story behind our integral role in completing a sophisticated hotel project in the heart of London. Witness how our precision-crafted timber frames not only contributed to the structural integrity but became the catalyst for a space where innovation and style seamlessly intertwine. 

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London, England


Commercial & Residential​, porject

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Project Overview

QTF Timber Frames proudly presents a noteworthy accomplishment in the completion of a hotel project in London, England. This case study highlights the instrumental role played by QTF Timber Frames as the supplier of timber frames, showcasing how our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative construction solutions contributed to the realization of an exceptional interior for this hotel.

Commercial Excellence

QTF Timber Frames extends its expertise beyond residential projects, showcasing a strong presence in commercial ventures. The completion of the London hotel project underscores our ability to meet the unique demands of commercial spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

QTF Timber Frames' Supply Contribution

As the key timber frame supplier for the hotel project, QTF Timber Frames delivered precision-crafted components that contributed to the overall structural integrity and design cohesion. Our commitment to delivering high-quality timber frames was pivotal in creating a space that exudes elegance and durability.

Innovative Interior Solutions:

The hotel’s interior design is a testament to the collaborative efforts of QTF Timber Frames and the project team. The incorporation of timber frames allowed for innovative interior solutions, creating a distinctive atmosphere that sets the hotel apart in terms of both style and comfort.


QTF Timber Frames takes immense pride in its role as the timber frame supplier for the London hotel project. This case study not only highlights our ability to meet the demands of commercial projects but also showcases the transformative impact that timber frames can have on interior spaces. With QTF Timber Frames, the possibilities for creative and functional design in both residential and commercial settings are boundless, making us the trusted partner for those seeking excellence in construction and design.