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QTF Timber Frame has been manufacturing Timber Frame for homes across Ireland for over 20 years. Making us one of the most experienced Timber Frame companies in Ireland including Co Meath.

Discover our Timber Frame solutions available in County Meath from QTF Timber Frame.

Timber Frame Co Meath
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QTF Services is the undisputed leader in Timber Frame construction in Ireland, owing to our unmatched expertise and meticulous approach to delivering and erecting closed-panel timber frame structures with unparalleled attention to detail.

Not only do we prioritise attention to detail, but our team at QTF Services also ensures compliance with the Euro Codes for Construction in Ireland, giving our clients peace of mind about the structural integrity of their homes.

Moreover, our use of Timber Frame construction technology in Ireland also enables us to construct energy-efficient homes that meet the highest industry standards. The Ultimate Closed Panel Timber Frame is our trademark Timber Frame solution for Closed Panel.

‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates

Reaching the same performance rate of that of a Passive Home

Achieves Irish and Euro Code building standards for sustainable builds

Improved Thermal Performance

Improves buildability and flexibility

Future Proofing as Building regulations move towards sustainability, your build wont run out of date

Additional and improved environmental credentials

Suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture, design, external treatment and internal finish

FAQs about QTF Timber Frames

Timber Frame construction is a method of building structures using pre-fabricated wooden frames that are then assembled on-site. The process involves the use of high-quality timber, which is then cut and shaped to the required dimensions, before being transported to the site where it is assembled into the desired structure.

Timber Frame construction offers several advantages over traditional construction methods in Ireland, including faster construction times, greater energy efficiency, and more design flexibility. The pre-fabricated nature of the construction also results in less waste and a more sustainable approach to building. See the full benefits here

The benefits of using Timber Frame construction for homes in Ireland include energy efficiency, durability, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility. Timber Frame homes also offer excellent insulation properties, resulting in lower heating and running costs.

Timber Frame Construction in Ireland is also the most comprehensive and cost effective way of ensuring your home meets building regulations in terms of energy efficiency.

Timber Frame homes are highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The construction process produces less waste, and the homes offer excellent insulation properties, which result in lower heating and running costs. There is also a lot of evidence to prove how Timber Frame can help towards Climate Changes and Co2 emissions.

Timber Frame homes use a range of insulation materials, including mineral wool, polyurethane foam, and rigid foam insulation. These materials have been tried and tested for many years and provide effective protection for the home from the elements and ensure a comfortable living environment in all seasons.

The cost of building a Timber Frame home in Ireland can be comparable to traditional construction methods. However, most Timber Frame Self Builders will find savings in labor costs and rentals due to the speed of construction.

The reduced construction time and energy efficiency of the home can lead to significant savings over time.

Long term, the savings of a Timber Frame house is in the energy savings, running and heating costs, which are a lot less than a block-built house. Homeowners have reported saving thousands compared to those in a traditional structure.

Timber Frame homes offer a high degree of customization, allowing homeowners to design a home that meets their specific requirements. This includes a range of design options for the exterior and interior of the home.

It’s one of the reasons architects like working with timber, due to its flexibility. Curved walls and ceilings offer more complex designs without the costs.

Timber Frame homes require less maintenance than traditional homes, with regular inspections and cleaning being sufficient to ensure the structure remains in good condition. The materials used in the construction of Timber Frame homes are also resistant to pests and decay, resulting in a longer lifespan for the structure.


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