Are you thinking about building with timber frame? It’ a great choice – you’ll gain loads of benefits in terms of the build process, environmental impact, cost, timescales and performance of your finished structure. However, as with any building process, timber frame construction can come with some potential pitfalls if you choose the wrong company to work with. In this post, QTF Services explore the unique challenges associated with building timber frame kits, and look at what you can do to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Choosing the right company

Your choice of timber frame company will make a huge difference to the success of your project. There are lots of timber frame companies in the UK and Ireland – ranging massively in terms of quality, service and price!
As with any major purchase, we recommend you do your due diligence. Research the timber frame companies, look for case studies, previous projects and pay them a visit, and ask to speak to previous customers for a first hand perspective on the quality of their work and services.

How to compare quotes

When comparing quotes, understand that cheapest isn’t always the best value. Drill down into the quote and make sure you understand exactly what it includes, what it doesn’t and whether there are hidden potential costs for delays or site problems. It’s also sensible to compare the specification of the timber frame, to ensure that you’re getting a quality product. The material used in our timber framed builds is from high quality Scandinavian or Canadian timber, which has dry matter content higher than that of Irish and British timber.

QTF Services provides fully comprehensive quotations for the manufacturing, delivery and building your timber frame kits on-site.

Resistance to timber frame construction

Don’t be put off if your architect or builder is anti-timber frame. Some traditional builders don’t have any experience working with timber frame structures, and are therefore naturally suspicious of them. We recommend you get a second opinion from an architect or builder who can share the feedback they have recieved from the families who have built a timber frame house.

The reality is that building with a timber frame is easier than traditional brick and block construction! QTF Services will be happy to spend time speaking with your architect or builder, and producing all the information they need to complete the project successfully.

At QTF Services, we have converted several builders who had never used timber frame construction before, who now prefer to use timber frames in their builds, thanks to the speed and ease of construction.

Of to a good start

Choosing a timber frame has a big impact on the design of the structure and foundations. To avoid delays and costly plan changes, get your chosen timber frame company involved quickly, at the start of your project.

They will then be able to provide you with all the information you need in terms of:
• Line and point loads – for your foundation design.
• A soleplate plan – setting out every wall, and providing details on loadbearing walls and diagonal dimensions.
• Block work plan – helping with the setting out of coursing blocks on site.
All this will help to minimise delays, and ensure that you benefit from the right plans needed for a successful timber frame build.

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