Let’s get straight to it, building a home is not an easy task, it takes planning and perseverance until you have a new self-build project sitting perfectly with nothing else left to do (Unless you have a lottery win and in this case crack on!). What can make this task a little easier is knowing you are building a rewarding home suitable to your lifestyle and family needs and overall that keeps long-term living costs to a minimum.

Building your own home should be rewarding

Many people will say that building your own home is rewarding – QTF Customers say their self-build project rewards them, with previous customers stating they have saved up to £1,200 on annual heating costs alone.

Ensure your self-build project delivers excellent rewards for you & your family starts first & foremost, with the performance of your house. Thermal and Environmental performance to be exact.

Start with the best Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of a house plays an increasingly significant part in the decision making process. Thermal performance is measured in terms of heat loss and is commonly expressed in the construction industry as a U-value, that is measured with how quickly heat is lost through the structure material. The lower the U-Value the lower the transmittance of heat loss and the more rewarding your home will be. However,  if a builder uses less insulation to save money, cut corners or it is fitted poorly, with gaps and cold bridges, then the thermal transmittance can be considerably higher than desired and thus a larger U-Value.

The Ultimate solution to a rewarding home

QTF Services,‘Ultimate Closed System®‘ is a closed panel Timber Frame solution, designed to eliminate the risks of any gaps and closed bridges to maximise thermal performance.

Therefore, rewarding self-builders, enabling them to save thousands annually on running and heating costs. It is also professionally insulated and overall ensures maximum heat retention and active automatic cooling, of the environment, driven by the natural result of the timber.

Through internal testing and results from an independent third party, the Ultimate Closed System® releases a UValue of 0.15W/m2K, the same of a Passive House, one of the world’s most economically friendly and rewarding homes.

Benefits include:

  • A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates
  • Reaching the same performance rate of that of a Passive Home
  • Acheives Irish and Euro Code building standards for sustainable builds
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Improves buildability and flexibility
  • Additional and improved environmental credentials
  • Future Proofing as Building regulations move towards sustainability, your build won’t run out of date
  • Suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture, design, external treatment and internal finish

Passive House or Ultimate Closed System

Choosing either a Passive House (Passivhaus) or QTF Services, Ultimate Closed System® are both designed to ensure your timber frame home has ultra-low energy consumption with consistently good air quality. By achieving Passivhaus standards, a building can manage without conventional heating systems, although most Passivhaus structures do have some kind of minimal heating system to boost temperature levels if required, still saving self-builders thousands and reducing fuels burned. Passive House (Passivhaus) & Ultimate Closed System® both produce a UValue of 0.15W/m2K.

Reward yourself with a Rewarding home

Our advice for building a rewarding home is to think about what you want to achieve long-term and how to make sure your home is built to fit into your future. If you want a rewarding house that keeps running costs to a minimum then speak to QTF Services about your choices. QTF manufacture both Passive House (Passivhaus) & Ultimate Closed System® Timber Frame Kits, the choice is up to you.

In order to provide you for a quotation, please send your drawings to raymond@qtfhomes.co.uk

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