Stylish Modern Home in Greystones, County Wicklow Ireland

Building a Modern Marvel in Co Wicklow

Discover the story behind this stylish modern home in Greystones, County Wicklow. Completed in an impressive timeframe of just 8 weeks.

This project showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality construction swiftly and efficiently.

Project Info


8 weeks


Greystones, County Wicklow


Stylish Modern House

Our Approach

At QTF, we pride ourselves on efficiency and speed without compromising on quality. This project is a testament to our meticulous planning, innovative techniques, and dedication to excellence.

We emphasise efficiency through streamlined processes that ensure swift project completion. Our focus on speed allows us to meet accelerated timelines without sacrificing attention to detail. Throughout every phase of construction, we maintain the highest standards of quality, ensuring that our projects are both timely and meticulously crafted.


The finished home is a perfect blend of modern design and functionality, completed in record time. Our client now enjoys a beautiful, durable, and stylish residence, built to the highest standards.

The project boasts a stylish design, resulting in a modern and aesthetically pleasing home. Despite the rapid completion, with significant progress made in just 8 weeks, the quality was never compromised. Our efficient build process not only met but exceeded client expectations, highlighting our commitment to delivering excellence swiftly.

To Wrap-up

This project in Greystones exemplifies QTF’s ability to deliver outstanding results within tight timelines sets us apart in the industry, and reinforces our reputation for efficiency and excellence.

We continue to set benchmarks in the industry, ensuring every build is a testament to our values of efficiency, speed, and uncompromising quality.

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