School Build in Stirling, Scotland

School Build in Stirling, Scotland

In this case study we will look at how QTF Timber Frames’ involvement in a recent school build in Stirling, Scotland.
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Stirling, Scotland


A school building

Educational Renewal

The return to school in Stirling marked more than just a typical day; it symbolised the beginning of a new chapter in educational infrastructure. QTF Timber Frames took pride in being an integral part of this renewal, supplying timber frames that would shape the learning spaces for generations to come.

Two-Week Turnaround

The commitment to delivering exceptional results within a tight timeframe was exemplified by the promise to return with another school build in just two weeks. This ambitious schedule showcased the efficiency and reliability of QTF Timber Frames in meeting the demands of educational projects.

QTF Timber Frames’ Supply Contribution

At the heart of this transformation lies the contribution of QTF Timber Frames, serving as the primary supplier of timber components for the school build. Our precision-crafted frames played a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the educational facility.

Nurturing Learning Environments:

QTF Timber Frames recognises the impact of physical spaces on the learning experience. The supplied timber frames not only contributed to the school’s structural robustness but also played a role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to effective teaching and learning.


In conclusion, the Stirling school build stands as a testament to QTF Timber Frames’ dedication to educational infrastructure. This case study celebrates our role in creating spaces that go beyond mere structures, fostering environments where knowledge and growth flourish. As we look forward to returning in two weeks with another transformative project, QTF Timber Frames continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of education through quality craftsmanship and innovative construction solutions.

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