Oak Frame House: Co Silgo Ireland

Oak Frame House: Co Silgo Ireland

Timber Frame in Ireland has become increasingly popular in recent years as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of construction. In this case study, we examine a unique project that involves the construction of an Oak Frame House in Co. Sligo, Ireland, using QTF timber frame for the external structure and walls.

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The owner of the property has lived in England for many years but is now returning to Ireland. He wanted a traditional Irish home, which led to the decision to construct an Oak Frame House. Glenfort Timber, a company based in Ireland, was tasked with producing and erecting the large Oak Frame. QTF Services, also based in Ireland, designed, manufactured, and fitted the Timber Frame kit for the remaining walls, doors, and roof.

Construction Process:

The project began with the erection of the Oak Frame by Glenfort Timber, which took 3 days to complete. The Oak Frame acts as the primary structure for the house, with the QTF Timber Frame Kit making up the remaining walls, doors, and roof. The Ultimate Closed Panel Timber Frame Kit from QTF was used, which offers the best energy efficient results for new self-build homes in Ireland.


The Timber Frame home was erected in just 4 days, and the roof took 2 days to complete. This speed of construction is one of the many benefits of choosing Timber Frame construction. The construction process is quick, robust, and can be fitted in less than 2 weeks, making it an ideal choice for those who want a fast and efficient construction process.

External excellence:

The external cladding of the house will be constructed using a mixture of materials, including timber and render. The roof was finished with traditional slate tiles, adding to the overall aesthetic of the house. The windows and doors were also custom-made to fit the style of the house, adding to its unique character.


The construction of this Oak Frame House in Co. Sligo, Ireland, is an excellent example of how traditional construction methods can be combined with modern techniques to create a unique and sustainable home. The use of QTF Closed Panel Timber Frame for the external walls and roof, along with the traditional Oak Frame structure, has resulted in a high-quality and energy-efficient home. The project demonstrates the benefits of using sustainable materials and construction methods, as well as the speed and efficiency of Timber Frame construction. The unique design of the Oak Frame structure adds to the character of the house, making it a beautiful and distinctive home.


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