Two thirds of people believe Ireland should build more timber frame homes

A new survey has announced two-thirds of people living in Ireland believe more timber frame houses should be built rather than using concrete or steel, according to a new survey by  Red C into public attitudes to Coillte’s new forestry strategic vision.

In fact, 80 percent of people believe that for Ireland to be self-sufficient in its timber requirements, wood should come from independently certified forests.  There is also strong support for conifers among the general public, with 75 per cent of respondents agreeing that planting conifers that grow quickly and capture carbon at a high rate is important for climate mitigation.

They also say Coillte should innovate and promote wood products to support the bio-economy and de-carbonise our built environment. To do this we could simply build more Timber Frame homes.

There is a strong degree of support for planting more trees and increasing forest cover with four in five people agreeing with this.

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