QTF Timber Frame Services Chosen for Unique Self-Build Project in Lisburn

Earlsfort Development Project, Blackrock

QTF Services proudly participates in the esteemed Earlsfort Development project located in Blackrock.

This collaboration marks a significant advancement towards constructing energy-efficient homes, with QTF Services facilitating this objective through the efficient supply of closed-panel Timber Frame Kits.

Project Info




Blackrock, Northern Ireland


Housing development

Client’s Requirement

QTF Services was entrusted with swiftly and efficiently supplying closed-panel Timber Frame Kits for the Earlsfort Development project. The client sought a dependable partner capable of delivering top-tier components within tight deadlines while adhering to the project’s energy-efficient home standards.

Challenges Faced

For this project, speed, precision, and adherence to energy efficiency standards were paramount.

QTF Services needed to ensure a rapid supply of Timber Frame Kits without compromising on quality or precision to sustain construction momentum and meet the project’s energy efficiency goals.

QTF Services’ Solutions

To address these challenges, QTF Services optimised its supply chain management, leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques to produce Timber Frame Kits that met the project’s energy efficiency requirements.

Stringent quality control measures were implemented to ensure the durability and reliability of the delivered components.

Results and Achievements

As a result of QTF Services’ efforts, closed panel Timber Frame Kits were delivered within the project’s specified timelines, supporting the smooth progress of the Earlsfort Development.

The incorporation of QTF Services’ Timber Frame Kits significantly enhanced the energy efficiency of the homes within the development, exceeding industry standards and earning praise from the client.


QTF Services’ involvement in the Earlsfort Development project highlights its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in construction.

Through efficient supply chain management, advanced manufacturing techniques, and rigorous quality control, QTF Services continues to lead in providing energy-efficient solutions. 

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