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Timber Frame Ireland FAQ If you’re building a house for the first time or buying one made from Timber Frame, chances are you may have some questions about Timber Frame. Who better to ask that the leaders in Timber Frame in Ireland? We have listed a summary of our most asked questions below and if

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Why Timber Frame in Ireland is becoming the first choice for Self Builders

The surge of Timber Frame homes in Ireland has been on the rise for the past 10 years. There are many clear reasons why Self Builders and homeowners  prefer to build with timber frame including: Cost-effectiveness: Timber frame construction is often more cost effective than traditional brick and mortar construction, making it an attractive option

Two thirds of people believe Ireland should build more timber frame homes

Featured in Irish Times 21 Oct 2022 By Colin Gleeson A new survey has announced two-thirds of people living in Ireland believe more timber frame houses should be built rather than using concrete or steel, according to a new survey by  Red C into public attitudes to Coillte’s new forestry strategic vision. In fact, 80

Ireland’s 10% concrete block levy could lead to more timber-framed homes being built

Just build more timber-framed houses Green Party leader and Environment Minister Ryan’s response to gathering controversy over the proposal to put a levy on blocks Featured in Irish Daily Mail 1 Oct 2022 By Ronan Smyth and Louise Burne ENVIRONMENT Minister Eamon Ryan has suggested the new 10% concrete block levy could lead to more