Here are just some of the excellent benefits to choosing a Timber Frame house…

There’s no doubt that timber frame houses are growing in popularity over the previous 10 years with a rapid increase in the amount of new builds choosing a timber frame. For over 20 years QTF Ltd have been providing home owners and trades men with quality timber houses and timber buildings and are constantly impressed by the superior building method from efficiency to versatility.

If you are considering a timber frame for your dream home or private construction project, take a look at the key benefits:

Flexible Design
Timber Frames are very versatile when it comes to design. It can be designed to meet clients’ and architects’ requirements. Having being successfully involved in the design of many timber houses and commercial properties over the previous 10 years we ensure there are very little limitations in the design process and can work up the best design to your requirements.

Energy Efficiency
Timber frame houses provide excellent thermal and sound insulation with the benefits of home owners saving up to £1000 on annual heating costs, and 70% on overall energy costs according to UKTF. This Remarkable energy efficiency also means that houses stay warmer for longer once they have been heated.


The speed that timber frames allow for is incomparable to many other materials used in the construction of timber houses and properties. Being considerably faster to traditional on-site methods, the build time for such properties is considerably reduced. For more information on a time-frame why not give us a quick call on, +44 (0)2840638989.

Using Timber Frames is typically cheaper than the traditional methods. Whether you’re looking to build a timber house or property, here at QTF Ltd we ensure a competitive price to save you money on the products we supply. Here are just some of the main benefits relating to the cost of building your home:

  • Saving in reduced construction costs – up to 30% faster than conventional method
  • Saving in operation costs and less wastage of materials
  • Cost effective transport of materials
  • All costs are fixed which allows for certainty of budget and greater control


“At the moment the average home heating, fuel and electricity bills costs are between £800.00- £950.00 per annum, but a timber-frame house costs only around £270.00 a year to heat. It is also alarming to think that many block houses which are now being built are years out of date by the time they are finished” – Raymond Moan.

When choosing a Timber Frame kit we would encourage any client to ensure they are buying at the best quality. Quality is in our name and at QTF timber frame services we put a substantial amount of time and effort in proving that we offer one of the highest quality products in the UK and Ireland. Take a look at our Health and Safety page for more details on our approved certifications.

Having been in this industry for many years, we ensure that our clients Timber frame project is taken care off by providing a supply-and-erect contract, with a dedicated contracts manager to oversee the timber frame element of the project.

Building Performance
A highly advantage fact regarding Timber frame is that they are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs. Whether you’re creating timber houses or a bigger scale property for commercial purposes, a timber frame project will help you save money in the long run. It is also proven to give you excellent acoustic performance.

Timber frame is not affected by the increase in lead time as traditional materials (such as bricks and blocks) can be. Therefore if you have a commercial property project, choosing a Timber Frame will ensure that buildings are completed much quicker than a brick or block finish.

Ensuring Sustainability

Energy Efficient – Having a timber frame constructed in a factory environment will provide higher quality of build through the building process. Energy efficient homes must have a very high level of accuracy to maintain an airtight structure.

Airtightness – While efficient thermal insulation is undoubtedly the key elements in preventing heat loss within a home, problem areas exist at the joints where surfaces such as walls, roofs, windows and doors meet. In order to achieve the A3 BER ratings for our timber frame houses, our team at Quality Timber Frame Ltd have to ensure that all such joints are airtight to prevent all draughts that may enter the structure. Air tightness is accomplished by ensuring that all joints are adequately sealed to prevent air and vapour permeating between the insulated layers, which as well as energy loss can lead to problems such as condensation and damp mould.

Environment – At Quality Timber Frame Ltd we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable houses. All of the timber used in the construction of your house is sourced from sustainable forests. By choosing QTF Homes for your project, you have a partner dedicated to providing a home to enjoy for generations to come.

Timber frames are easier to heat and keep warm and can offer you savings of as much as 70 per cent on energy costs. Because timber frame is so design flexible, it’s easy for you to incorporate your own ideas. Creating your own design is fun and extremely satisfying – and it ensures that your new home has all the facilities and features that you and your family require.

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