Timber Frame Kit Price Guide and Complete house build costs

If you have been searching to find the cost of building a Timber Frame Home, your in the right place. QTF Services provide all the information you need to know about Timber Frame buildings (FAQ, Benefits, Planning, Design, Limitations and more). QTF Services also manufacture and deliver Timber Frame Kits for clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Our Timberframe manufacturing factory is based in Northern Ireland then transported and delivered safely on-site.

The total cost of a timber frame home depends on many factors, such as site slope, quality of finishing, and overall specification. Please note that structural reports and bespoke specification may also be a factor on pricing. QTF Services can offer structural engineer reports if required.

We offer three pricing solutions:

1. TimberFrame structure only.
2. TimberFrame with standard specification (ie kit package with insulation, plasterboard, doors, windows, etc).
3. TimberFrame with a bespoke specification.

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on the various options which are available, allowing you to personalise the final specification of your new timber frame home. QTF Services will provide you with a detailed quotation, inclusive of your chosen amendments including delivery and erection on site.

See our Timber Frame House Build Costs below

Our prices shown below are inclusive of all items as detailed in our House Kit specification. The images and prices are based on Timber Frames supplied by QTF Services.

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